Publications Serving Trenton’s Gay Community

Yesterday I heard the sad news that the Washington Blade, one of America’s premier gay newspapers had shut down.  From simple mimeographed newsletters to glossy magazines, numerous publications have informed, inspired and entertained generations of lesbians and gay men.  In the process, they provide an amazing source for exploring our community’s history.

Trenton, like all of New Jersey’s gay community, is currently served by Out In New Jersey, a monthly publication.  In addition, a variety of newspapers and magazines with a national or neighboring-state focus, have provided information for and about gay Trenton.  While New York has been served by several different major publications for varying lengths of time, The Philadelphia Gay News has been in continuous operation since 1975.

Among the stuff I’ve packed away in my attic are some newsletters of early New Jersey gay organizations. This blog has given me a mechanism to share some of these interesting documents.  I inherited from my ex, a group of newsletters from the Gay Awareness Action Committee (GAAC), a Central Jersey gay group from 1972.  From my few years of involvement with the New Jersey Gay Coalition, I have a number of issues of their publication, News Jersey.  I’ve created separate pages on this blog for the documents I’ve scanned.  I hope you’ll enjoy perusing these windows into gay life during an interesting time in our history.



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