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It’s a Google World

May 31, 2010

Living through the information revolution, I’ve seen the amazing transformation of many aspects of our lives.  At work, manual typewriters giving way to word processors (remember the Wang) leading to the rise of Microsoft office with Word, Excel & Access.  At home, live primetime TV was first supplemented by VCR tapes recording shows and movies, and now cable, DVR and streaming webcasts make the notion of sitting in front of a TV at a fixed time seem stifling.  The digitizing and indexing of our lives allows amazing access to data.  Perhaps my favorite side effect of this transformation is the sometimes strange linkages that can be found.  I was amused to find in searching Ebay for items related to Trenton, N.J. that there were some other ‘gay’ Trentons, such was a 1950’s and 60’s male beefcake model named John Trenton and in more recent times a male porn star named Trenton Comeaux.