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A Little Hate Along the Way

October 26, 2009

The husband and I took a walk yesterday, Sunday October 25th.  It was a beautiful day as we did the two bridges loop, crossing into Morrisville on the ‘Trenton Makes, The World Takes’ Bridge and walking along the Delaware River on the levee to the Calhoun Street Bridge.

Looking across the Delaware at the NJ State House

Looking across the Delaware at the NJ State House

When we came back into Trenton and on to West State Street, we were suprised to see the street was blocked to car traffic.  Proceeding down toward the State House, the cause was revealed to be a rally against gay marriage.

Anti Gay Marriage Rally in front of NJ State House

A nasty surprise, but the husband commented on the lack of any media presence and today’s Trenton newspapers contained no mention of this event.  Perhaps that’s a sign that these particular bigots aren’t getting their message much attention.