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October 19, 2009

I’ve been thinking about doing a blog for some time; partly to give exposure to a project I’ve been playing with on & off for years: getting together a history of gay Trenton, NJ, but also to have some place to share some of the unusual bits and pieces of our past and present that I’ve come across. I was hoping to salvage some of my fading recollections while at the same time gathering those of others and preserving some of what it was like being gay during the decades when what that meant changed radically.

Looking at the definition of queer in an old dictionary in my office, the variety of meanings fit my intentions for this blog.

Queer \’kwi(e)r\ adj [origin unknown]
1a: differing in some odd way from what is usual or normal
(2): mildly insane : TOUCHED
c: absorbed or interested to an extreme or unreasonable degree : OBSESSED
d: sexually deviate : HOMOSEXUAL

Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary – 1973

So queer seems like a good title for this blog because it includes not only gay or in this case ‘homosexual’, but also obsessed, eccentric and, my favorite, touched. When looking at much of our history it’s difficult to label images or incidents or people as gay but you may be able to accurately call them queer.