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Searching for Club 21

October 23, 2009

Since I don’t want to rely solely on my memories, two visits to the Trentoniana Room began my search for what remains in the public record for Club 21.  Initially, I wasn’t positive I had the bar’s name correct since it’s been so many years.  A hand drawn map of lunchtime eating spots I made of downtown Trenton in the 1980’s reassured me about the name and location.

Finding other evidence has proved elusive.  There is no listing for Club 21 in the telephone books for 1978, 79 or 80.  There is also nothing in the alphabetical listing or the yellow pages under taverns (bar was not a category) or restaurant.  With no luck finding the business, I turned to finding out about the address, 21 South Warren Street.  The Cross Reference Directory lists phone number by street address showing the following:

1979 – Covell Chas L

1981 – Anderson Winslow

               Covell Chas L

1983 – Occupant

1984 – No Listing for this address.

The building and several of its neighbors were demolished to make way for NJ National Bank’s Drive-Thru Teller.  Based on the phone listing this appears to have occurred around 1983 or 84.  Making that roughly the time Club 21 went out of business.

There are old tax photos from the late 1930’s and June 16, 1953.  The later photo appears to show a bar or restaurant at this location.  Further research is needed.  Since this was part of the Warren Street City Landmarks District, scanning through the unindexed minutes of the Landmarks Commission is next.  As always, any insights or stories about Club 21 are welcome, please comment here or email

21 South Warren Street in 2009

21 South Warren Street in 2009